Working Together...

Offering a unique view of social care practices and finding person centred ways of working to support those impacted by adoption or children's services intervention,  or working in those fields. 

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Training & Workshops

We can offer bespoke programmes for you and your team or organisation on a range of subjects including;

Impacts of adverse childhood experiences, relational trauma, therapeutic parenting, life story work and the importance of honesty with children, supporting and maintaining natural family relationships and the importance of getting this right in a digital age. 

Working with natural families through the adoption process and beyond.



Ruth speaks openly about their experiences including the struggles they have faced and how honesty, compassion and the right support from professionals who cared and understood made the most difference to them.


Lyris and Jorja like to add their input to the presentations to ensure their voice and the impact of their experiences are key to all that we do.


Whether you are looking to completely transform your service, to find new and creative ways of working with children and families, or developing relationship based outcomes, we can be a critical friend to help you discover new ways of working.  


Social Work Support


All our work is flexible, child and family-focused, and bespoke to the individual and family, ensuring it is appropriate to the individuals needs and level of understanding.

We are able to offer child and family centred assessments including, but not limited to;

Parenting assessments, Fostering (Form F assessment), Viability assessments, Assessment of kinship carers and connected persons, Adoption assessments (e.g. PAR assessments), Special Guardianship assessments, Initial visits, Section 7 reports, Case file audits, Independent Visitor work.



Coaching/ mentoring of social workers and developing supervision programmes to provide safe environments for professional support, developing good practice, opportunities for critical reflection, challenge and professional growth within effective professional relationships,


Child focused ‘Contact’ or maintaining relationships services; facilitating safe family time between children, young people, and the important people in their lives. We are able to offer mediation if required and support all involved to manage any difficult emotions to maintain or improve relationships, ensuring that time together is child focused and is making a positive difference to the lives of children and young people.

Parenting Support

Parenting support; Our aim is to help parents and carers to develop the skills and resources they need to sustain a happy, nurturing family environment, enabling children and young people to grow and flourish in their care.