Life-Story Work

"Your branches can only reach high 
if your roots go deep"
-Brian Logue


Our approach to life story work is to support children to understand their life journey, what makes them who they are and how that can be intertwined with where they are now so they can grow with confidence.


Just like a tree, strong roots and a connection to where we began are needed to help us grow strong. For anyone separated from their first family the ‘missing roots’ of information and relationships can have significant consequences on emotional well-being and self-esteem which in turn impacts on the relationships formed now and in the future.


If children are not helped to make sense of the trauma that they have experienced, then they carry it around within themselves, unresolved, impacting on their emotions and relationships with others.


“preoccupation with the past and wariness of the present means that there is less of the child existing...she remains fixed in her past”

Richard Rose

What to Expect

Sessions are creative and fun, using different approaches which include games and art to explore ideas, emotions and experiences, recording our thoughts and discussions on wallpaper. Some young people find it helpful to be able to write down and ‘roll away’ some of their difficult memory or events from the past, others like to be able to look at it and reflect or add to the journey between sessions.


In order to heal we need to feel heard and our Therapeutic Life Story Work (TLSW) triad approach, including the child or young person’s parent or main carer in each of the sessions, encourages conversations that develop a better understanding of each other’s thoughts, feelings and behaviours and so relationships are greatly strengthened. With the carer involved in the process the therapeutic journey can be continued between sessions with the TLSW practitioner and long after the 'work' has finished. 

Meeting with first families is often an important area of the process, for some families it will involve information sharing via the TLSW practitioner, for others it will involve supporting the reunification of relationships that are beneficial and supportive for all.

Each piece of work is bespoke to the individual child and families circumstances, please feel free to contact us to discuss how we can best support your child or young person discover connection to their roots, understand their journey, and in turn find their wings to soar.